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A remote-controlled bomb hit a bus carrying afghan army personnel in the capital, Kabul, Killing Four Soldiers on Their Way to Work.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Spokesman of Afghan Ministry of Defense, General Zahir Azimi, said the bomb, buried in the road was detonated as the bus passed by in Aqa Ali Shams district in south-western Kabul. He said twelve people were wounded in the blast, six soldiers and six civilian bystanders. The attack was the latest in a fierce onslaught targeting afghan security forces ahead of the withdrawal of foreign combat forces at the end of this year.


Canada PM: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu hit-and-run man 'radicalised'

A man who struck two Canadian soldiers with his car before he was shot dead by police had been "radicalised" and was known to security officials, Canada's prime minister has said. The 25-year-old man was killed by officers at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec after a high-speed chase that ended when he wrecked his car. PM Stephen Harper said authorities "confirmed" he had been "radicalised".


Islamic State: Fresh fighting in key Syrian town of Kobane

Fierce fighting has erupted in the north of the Syrian town of Kobane, after two days of relative calm. The clashes began when Islamic State (IS) militants launched an offensive "on all fronts" against Kurdish fighters on Monday, activists said. Meanwhile, the US-led anti-IS coalition said it carried out six air strikes around Kobane on Sunday and Monday. Kobane, on the Turkish border, has been been under assault from IS for weeks, with most civilians forced to leave.


Joko Widodo, Indonesia's first leader without deep roots in the era of Suharto, was sworn in as President today and faces huge challenges to enact a bold reform agenda.

The inauguration, which was attended by foreign dignitaries including us secretary of State John Kerry and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, capped a remarkable rise for a softly-spoken politician who was brought up in a riverside slum. Widodo, known by his nickname Jokowi, worked his way up through local politics before securing the presidency in July following a close race against controversial ex-general Prabowo Subianto. He is the country's first president from outside an ageing band of political and military figures who have ruled the world's third-biggest democracy since the end of the three-decade Suharto dictatorship in 1998. After taking office Widodo may have to struggle to build support in parliament as his refusal to swap cabinet posts for backing has driven unaligned parties to the opposition, leaving him with a minority that is set to face resistance to his reforms.


President Barack Obama has urged Americans to avoid hysteria over Ebola.

Obama played down the idea of travel bans from Ebola-ravaged countries in West Africa, explaining that restrictions could make things worse. Lawmakers this week urged Obama to bar people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea from entering the United States. Obama has said he is not philosophically opposed to travel bans, but in his weekly address made it clear that he is not leaning toward them.


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