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A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-packed car into a British embassy vehicle in afghan capital Kabul killing one British citizen and at least five Afghans.

Police said some 34 bystanders were wounded in the blast. The huge explosion could be heard across Kabul and a plume of smoke rose high into the air above the attack site on the Jalalabad road, a main route that houses many foreign compounds and military facilities. The attack occurred three days after two U.S soldiers were killed in another bomb attack in Kabul.


At least Seven people were killed when a bomb inside a minibus went off in Baghdad's Shi'ite district of Sadr city.

The blast damaged a number of cars, wounding at least 10 civilians. Islamic state's lightning capture of territory in June plunged Iraq into its worst security crisis since the 2003 U.S. Invasion which toppled Saddam Hussein. Iraqi forces including Shi'ite militia, Kurdish Peshmerga and the army, supported since august by U.S.-led air strikes, have retaken parts of some provinces but the group has continued to seize towns in Anbar province


A court in Egypt has sentenced 78 youth to up to five years in prison for protesting with the Muslim brotherhood.

The boys, from 13 to 17 years old, joined rallies calling for the return of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The authorities have cracked down on Islamists since President Morsi was removed by the military in 2013. Thousands of his supporters have been killed and arrested since the Muslim brotherhood was declared a terrorist Organisation. Death sentences on 528 supporters of President Morsi were handed down at a mass trial in March.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held talks with Syrian foreign minister, Walid al-Moualem, in the black sea resort of Sochi, as part of Moscow's renewed diplomatic push to restart peace talks on Syria.

The last round of talks between Damascus and the opposition collapsed in February over rifts over Assad's role in any transition out of the conflict. The main Syrian opposition in exile and its western and Arab backers want him to go. In a joint news conference with Moualem which was broadcast by a Russian state television channel, Lavrov said that Russia would support Syria's government in peace talks with the opposition. Moscow says "terrorism" should be the top priority for all and that is not possible without cooperating with Assad. Lavrov criticised the United States for refusing to do that. Moualem also said he and Lavrov had discussed Moscow's proposal to host peace talks on Syria and that they agreed to continue discussing this. Lavrov said bringing together Damascus and the opposition was difficult and required more time.


Boko Haram gunmen killed 48 fish vendors in Nigeria's restive Borno state, near the border with Chad.

Abubakar Gamandi, the head of fish traders association, said scores of Boko Haram fighters blocked a route linking Nigeria with Chad near the fishing village of Doron Baga on the shores of lake Chad and killed a group of 48 fish traders on their way to Chad to buy fish. He said the insurgents set up a barricade at Dogon Fili, 15 kilometres from Doron Baga, and stopped a convoy of fish vendors around midday, slaughtering some of them and drowning others in the lake.


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