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Indian troops martyred one more youth in Kupwara.

In Occupied Kashmir, Indian troops in their fresh act of state terrorism, martyred one more youth in Kupwara district. Troops during a siege and search operation killed the youth in a house at Koolipora. The operation was on till last the reports came in. Meanwhile, Indian armed agents shot at and injured an employee of education department in Srinagar.


The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore diplomatic ties severed more than fifty years ago.

The US imposed a trade embargo against Cuba in 1960 and the two countries have not had diplomatic relations since 1961. Announcing the end of what he called a "rigid" policy of isolation of Cuba that had been ineffective, U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States would move toward normal ties and would open an embassy in Cuba. Obama discussed the changes with Cuban President Raul Castro in a nearly hour-long telephone call. Castro spoke in Cuba as Obama made his announcement on a policy shift made possible by the release of American Alan gross, 65, who had been imprisoned in Cuba for five years. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon hailed the restoration of ties between the United States and Cuba as a positive step towards ending the 50-year standoff between the two neighbors.


Taliban militants detonated a suicide bomb and stormed a bank in Southern Afghanistan, killing five police and five civilians as the country endures a rise in violence as US-led NATO troops pull out.

The attackers forced their way inside after a bomb exploded at the entrance of the Kabul bank branch in Lashkar Gah, the capital of the insurgency-racked province of Helmand. A second remote-controlled bomb was triggered as ambulances arrived to take victims to hospital and wounded a further two civilians. A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack on the Kabul bank branch.


India has successfully launched its largest rocket and an unmanned capsule which could send astronauts into space.

The 630-tonne geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle blasted off from Sriharikota in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The new rocket will be able to carry heavier satellites into space. India has successfully launched lighter satellites in recent years, but has faced problems sending up heavier payloads. The new rocket is capable of carrying communication satellites weighing 4,000kg, meaning India will not have to rely on foreign launchers to do so. The rocket's main cargo was an Indian-made capsule capable of carrying two to three astronauts into space. Indian space research organization said the capsule has "safely splashed down into bay of Bengal off Andaman and Nicobar Islands" and that the experiment was successful. India is emerging as a major player in the multi-billion dollar space market and has undertaken several missions. In September, it successfully put a satellite into orbit around mars, becoming the fourth nation or geo-bloc to do so.


A Nigerian court martial has sentenced 54 soldiers to death for refusing to fight the militant group Boko Haram.

The soldiers, who were found guilty of mutiny, were accused of refusing to help recapture three towns that had been seized by Boko Haram in August. A lawyer for the soldiers said the 54 would face a firing squad while five others were acquitted. Troops have complained that they are not being given enough weapons and ammunition to fight.


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