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Prosecutors in South Korea have asked a court to issue an arrest warrant for the captain of the ferry that sank on Wednesday.

It was earlier revealed that a junior officer - and not the captain - was at the helm of the ferry when it capsized. In addition to the captain, arrest warrants are also being sought for two other crew members. Efforts to find the 268 people still missing have been hampered by low visibility and strong currents. Twenty-eight people are now known to have died in the disaster, with 179 people rescued. Three salvage cranes have also reached the site, which officials say may be used to raise the ship or move it to another area with weaker currents. Coast guard officials say two divers managed to enter the cargo bay of the vessel, but could not identify or rescue anyone due to items obstructing the way. The U.S. Navy continued to help search for the missing passengers . A mh-60s sea hawk helicopter joined search and rescue operations near the scene of the sunken ferry. The vessel - named Sewol - had been travelling from Incheon, in the north-west, to the southern resort island of JEJU. It capsized and sank within a period of two hours. Some 350 of those on board were students from Danwon high school in Ansan, a suburb of Seoul, who were on an outing when the ferry sank. The vice principal of Danwon high school, who was rescued from the ferry, was found dead on nearby Jindo Island . Kang Min-Kyu, 52, had been missing since Thursday and was discovered hanging from a tree near the gym on Jindo island - where many of the relatives of missing passengers have been staying. Distraught family members of the 268 South Korean passengers still missing urged authorities to find their loved ones. Amid a major search and rescue operation, officials say air has been injected into the ship to help any people trapped inside - though officials have said that survivors are unlikely - and to help refloat the vessel.


Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower, reaching 1 kilometer into the sky.

Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, could be stripped of its guinness title if Saudi Arabia succeeds in its plans to construct the even larger kingdom tower in Jeddah -- a prospect looking more likely as work begins next week, according to construction weekly. Consultants advanced construction technology services have recently announced testing materials to build the 1 kilometer skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, by comparison, stands at a meeker 827 meters. The kingdom tower, estimated to cost $1.23 billion, would have 200 floors and overlook the red sea. Building it will require about 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel, according to the Saudi gazette. Building a structure that tall, particularly on the coast, where saltwater could potentially damage it, is no easy feat. The foundations, which will be 60 meters deep, need to be able to withstand the saltwater of the nearby ocean. As a result, advanced construction technology services will test the strength of different concretes.


French President Francois Hollande told, four French journalists held captive in Syria for almost a year were free and "in good health".

In a statement, the president said he had "learned with great relief of the liberation of the four French journalists". Edouard Elias, Didier François, Nicolas Hénin and Pierre Torres were held hostage in Syria since June 2013. Hollande said they were "in good health despite the very challenging conditions of their captivity" and would return to France "in the coming hours".


Ukraine's interim authorities have appealed for national unity and promised to meet some of the demands of pro-Russian protesters in the east of the country.

These include the decentralization of power and guarantees for the status of the Russian language. The move came after pro-Russian activists and militias refused to vacate buildings they have taken over. This was despite Thursday's deal on ending illegal occupations. At talks in Geneva, Russia, Ukraine, the EU and us agreed that illegal military groups in Ukraine must leave official buildings, and that there should be an amnesty for anti-government protesters. But protest leaders occupying government buildings in eastern cities such as Donetsk said the interim authorities in Kiev must step down first, as they had taken power in what they said was an illegal coup.


A magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit Mexico in the western state of Guerrero, north of the resort of Acapulco.

The quake shook the capital Mexico city for at least 30 seconds, with building swaying as people fled on to the streets. The city was reportedly more crowded than usual because of the Easter holiday. Despite the relative severity of the quake there are no immediate reports of any major damage. Some people were seen fleeing high rise buildings in dressing gowns and pajamas talking to relatives and friends on their cell phones.


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