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Former leader of Jamat e Islami Bangladesh, Ghulam Azam, has died at the age of 91.

A hospital spokesman in Dhaka said Ghulam Azam died from a heart attack on Thursday. Last year Bangladesh controversial judicial tribunal sentenced him to 90 years in jail after he was found guilty of charges relating to 1971 war. Azam's supporters reacted violently to the sentencing of him and others by a war crimes tribunal that critics say is politically motivated. Human rights groups say tribunal's procedures fall short of international standards.


European Union leaders today agreed on what they called the world's most ambitious climate change targets for 2030, paving the way for a new UN-backed global treaty next year.

The 28 leaders overcame deep divisions at a summit in Brussels to reach a deal including a headline commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 percent 16 years from now. EU head Herman Van Rompuy said, they also agreed on 27 percent targets for renewable energy supply and efficiency gains, in spite of reservations from some member states about the cost of the measures. Euroopean commission head Jose Manuel Barroso said, the agreement puts the EU "in the driving seat" ahead of the Paris conference. The negotiations saw a split between richer, greener nations and poorer countries that depend heavily on fossil fuels or on gas from Russia. Poland had previously threatened to veto a deal, fearing that its near complete reliance on coal would have made it prohibitively expensive to meet the targets. Earlier activists staged an action outside the EU council building in Brussels to call upon EU leaders to end the bloc's dependency on fossil fuels and instead invest in clean energy.


China has said the United States was damaging stability in the Asia-pacific region by positioning a missile Defence radar in Japan.

Japan, an ally of the United States, has voiced growing anxiety over china's more assertive posture in the east china sea, where the neighbours are locked in a dispute over control of a group of uninhabited islets. An x-band radar system was delivered to the U.S. Military's communication facility in Kyoto in western japan. It is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of the year. U.S. Defense secretary Chuck Hagel has said two navy destroyers equipped with missile defense systems would be deployed to Japan by 2017 in response to what they call provocations from North Korea. North Korea has carried out a series of missile tests this year, including two medium-range missiles capable of hitting Japan. Pyongyang has also threatened another nuclear test.


US-led air strikes in Syria were reported to have killed more than 500 I.S insurgents in a month as Kurdish fighters readied to reinforce the embattled border town of Kobane.

The battle for Kobane has become crucial for both the I.S insurgents and its opponents, with us officials saying Kurdish fighters defending the town look increasingly capable of withstanding the jihadist onslaught. The Kurds in Kobane have been holding out for more than a month, buoyed by a promise of Iraqi Kurd reinforcements and by us air drops of weapons. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that 200 Iraqi Kurd Peshmerga fighters would travel across his country to join the battle in kobane, where is has an estimated 1,000 militants. The US and its Arab allies have also been stepping up air strikes against is In Syria. After first focusing on Iraq, the American-led coalition has dramatically expanded its strikes in Syria recently, including in Kobane.


President Barack Obama has urged Americans to avoid hysteria over Ebola.

Obama played down the idea of travel bans from Ebola-ravaged countries in West Africa, explaining that restrictions could make things worse. Lawmakers this week urged Obama to bar people from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea from entering the United States. Obama has said he is not philosophically opposed to travel bans, but in his weekly address made it clear that he is not leaning toward them.


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