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China's five-day parade began with 70 gun salutes to Honour 70th anniversary of China's World War-II victory.

Chinese President XI Jinping addressing the opening ceremony at Beijing Tian'anmen square, said china will cut the number of military troops by three hundred thousand.


The main railway station in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, has opened its doors to hundreds of migrants after a two-day stand-off.

But a public announcement said international trains to Western Europe were suspended "indefinitely". Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban said nobody could leave Hungary without being registered. EU rules place responsibility for assessing asylum claims on the country where a migrant first arrives. Many of the migrants currently in Hungary have been refusing to register there, in order to continue their journeys to Germany before seeking asylum. The migrants stuck at Budapest's Keleti station were prevented from boarding trains on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some were involved in scuffles with police.


An overloaded wooden boat believed to be carrying dozens of Indonesian illegal immigrants sank off the coast of Malaysia killing at least 14 people, 13 of them women.

The boat had left Sabak Bernam in Malaysia's Selangor state and was heading for Sumatra in Indonesia when the accident happened. Officials said the boat sank due to overloading and bad weather. Southeast Asia in the summer faced a huge migrant crisis, with more than 4,000 landing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh after Thailand launched a crackdown on people-smuggling gangs in may. Hundreds are believed to have drowned.


US President Barack Obama will host Saudi Arabia's king Salman in their first and long-delayed white house summit, with clashing views on middle eastern crises coming to the fore.

Saudi king Salman's inaugural visit as king -- has been billed as a way of reinforcing US-Saudi relations. U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry has said, he expected to have a "very good conversation" with his Saudi Arabian counterpart Adel al Jubeir. Kerry added that he was looking forward to the arrival of Saudi Arabia's king Salman tomorrow. Saudi Arabia is also beefing up its missile and air defenses The fight against I.S. Militants is also boosting Saudi demand for munitions. In July, the state department approved 500 million dollar worth of munitions. For Saudi land forces, and Saudi officials are now looking at significant orders of Lockheed's Paveway ii plus guided bomb systems to upgrade their existing inventory of bombs by adding laser-guidance systems.


At least two people were killed and 105 injured in Saudi Arabia when a fire broke out at a residential complex housing employees of oil giant Saudi Aramco, authorities said.

The fire started in the basement of a tower in the eastern city of Khobar. Authorities said that residents of nearby towers were evacuated as helicopters took part in the firefighting operations.


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